Easter vacation

  • Elise and bananas
    Grandma came to visit for the holidays and we ended Caleb's first term with an Easter Parade. We then took a vacation up the coast to Port Stephens and Coffs Harbour.

Caleb and Elise "reading"

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    I love seeing my children laughing together. I couldn't pick just one.
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Sarah's in the midst of it

I'm just now catching up (see comment on recent post). This school sounds great! Caiden would love it!! I still don't know what we're going to do next year; the thought of the TAKS alone make me want to homeschool! If we could easily afford Faith that would be our first choice, but it's SUPER-pricey. I'm just glad it's only November:)


School does start later here. And it seems to get out at the same time as in the U.S. I think I misstated though--I believe Caleb's school starts at 9:00, but a school nearby does not begin until 9:30.

That being said, they do have on sight before and after school care. Those children are given breakfast and afternoon tea. And so children can begin arriving at 7:00.

Jennifer K.

Did I read right that school starts at 9:15?? I think I would literally cut my right arm off if I could not have my child to school until 9:15 instead of 7:50!!


Oh my. Bittersweet.

Good to hear that the school is so good. I'd love to hear, when he starts, about the kinds of things they teach him.

Praying for your transition.

Blessed Beyond Measure

The first of many letting go's. Cant say any of them gets much easier.


I am so sorry! I didn't know it was you who was the anonymous caller to my cell until I got home and told Terry. He said, "It was probably Leslie. She called here for you."


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