Easter vacation

  • Elise and bananas
    Grandma came to visit for the holidays and we ended Caleb's first term with an Easter Parade. We then took a vacation up the coast to Port Stephens and Coffs Harbour.

Caleb and Elise "reading"

  • Img_2054
    I love seeing my children laughing together. I couldn't pick just one.
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Sarah's in the midst of it

You never fail to make me laugh:) I'm going to have to try the lollipop thing--of course, that might mean that I start feeding them to the boys every time they complain, which would make all of their teeth fall out! But hey, at least it would be peaceful around here:)


Where were you and all of your bright ideas when I had little kids?!? LOL. This is what I got for being the first in my group of friends to have kids...


I really want a popsicle now. I don't suppose my last post about collard greens got you yearning for those, did it?

And the lollipop thing? I did not know that. Thanks for that tip.

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