Easter vacation

  • Elise and bananas
    Grandma came to visit for the holidays and we ended Caleb's first term with an Easter Parade. We then took a vacation up the coast to Port Stephens and Coffs Harbour.

Caleb and Elise "reading"

  • Img_2054
    I love seeing my children laughing together. I couldn't pick just one.
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i need to be able to email you! i will be home tonight. t came home on mon early so i went to help santa with his shopping while i had some alone time. anyhoo, looking forward to tonight.

also, just so we all know, i turn into a pumpkin about 10pm since my kids get up at the crack o dawn!


How wonderful for you! I am loving hearing about all the differences you are experiencing be they with church or school systems. However, it's nice to see that some things don't change. As in the fellowship and encouragement from within the family of Christ. Without that, I'm sure this transition would have been extremely difficult for you guys. :-)


So, what night looks good for you this week? Tonight, Wed or Thurs? Looking forward to chatting while not sedated with Benadryl!!!

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